Golden Globe Race – New era for ocean sailing

The resurgence of “classical” navigation

In recent years we have witnessed how “retro” navigation has returned to the scene of the great ocean races by Don McIntyre. It is understood by retro navigation done without the help of modern electronic navigation devices, that is, navigating with compass and sextant, as well as with a barometer for weather forecasting. Two major regattas are currently running again, the Golden Globe Race 2022 and the Ocean Global Race 2023.

The first of these races, the Golden Globe Race, reborn in 2018 to commemorate the original Sunday Times Golden Globe Race of 1968, in which Bernard Moitessier participated with the Joshua and Sir Robin Knox-Johnston with the Suhaili among others, I remember these two great navigators because they are the ones who have inspired me most in this passion for sailing. Of the nine who took the challenge in 1968, only one Robin Knox-Johnston returned. This regatta runs alone around the world and without stops or external assistance, as well as with the technology of the ’60s.
The link to the regatta website:

The next “retro” race, the Ocean Global Race, has yet to run, is probably the start for September 2023. This commemorative regatta of the 50 years of the first regatta around the world with crew and with stops in three ports (Cape Town, Sydney and Rio de Janeiro), the Whitbread Race of 1973. In the first race he won a swan 65 Sayula II of the Mexican Ramón Carlin, which was far from favorite, being the most regular of all. The link to the regatta website:

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