We are glad to offer your company the Magnetic Compass Adjustment Service on Mediterranean Spanish Coast from north to south.
From our office in Tarragona we serve ports of Tarragona, Barcelona, Castellón, Valencia and Palma de Mallorca, and any other port in the world where our services might be required (subject to availability and travel costs).

We provide commercial ships, sailing yachts, motor yachts, tugs, fishing vessels,  rescue boats, etc with the preceptive Compass Adjustment Certificate issued after proper adjustment or calibration process (if that is needed, sometimes compasses don’t need adjustment!). Such certificate is issued by qualified Compass Adjuster Mr. Marc Miró, Master Mariner Class II/2 licensed by Spanish Maritime Affairs Authority.

Also we can provide vessel compass with annual inspection certificate and arrange for repairs or replacement if required.

For those who need towing plan and bollard pull calculations we can do the job required by Spanish Maritime Authorities and Harbour Master in order to authorize any ocean tug transport.

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