Compass adjustment

Compass adjustment service

Adjustment of Magnetic Compass, repairs and replacement for magnetic compasses can be done by Magcompass.

Compass adjustment

Operations for magnetic compass adjustment include the following among others:

  • Dockside compass checking
  • Once sailed, swinging vessel to different courses to check deviations and compensate or adjust “correctors” in order to minimize deviation, if needed
  • Swinging vessel again to different magnetic courses so as to determine residual deviation
  • Certificate and report issue about magnetic compass deviation, valid for two years or till next docking, etc…

What’s Magnetic Compass

Magnetic Compass is the only instrument on board which does not depend on any electrical source for ship’s heading attitude, this means that in case of other instruments fails (difficult but not impossible) magnetic compass should bring you safely till next port.

Today, magnetic compass complete any navigation system, providing a source free of main power failures, due to its nature. Magnetic compass provides heading within a precision of half degree (+/- 0.5º), provided that the compass has been adjusted properly.


Many international organizations in charge of ship’s safety regulations such as IMO. Modern compass has to follow the regulation given below:

  • ISO STANDARD 25862
  • SOLAS CONVENTION: Reg 19 – Carriage requirements for shipborne navigational systems and Equipment · SOLAS CONVENTION: Annex 13 – Magnetic Compasses
  • SOLAS CONVENTION: Annex 20 – Inspection and Survey of Navigational Equipment

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