Transat 650 – The aventure starts here…


Thanks to all my custumers, ship’s owners, ship’s agencies and Captains. Thanks for give a choice to work and to earn money to complete the Mini Transat project! You are my sponsors!

Finally or ALFIN (in spanish Transat 650 boat’s name) , next step is now real. I’ve adquired a mini Transat boat (LOA 6,5 metres) in order to adquire necesary experience on board  and develope necessary skills to sail off-shore in a single handed mode.

 So I could take a step forward from those years when I began to study at the Faculty of Nàutica of Barcelona when I attended the launch of the minitransat project of Albert Bargués, I think it was 1999, not before. The overall impression was , that sailor would launch into a transatlantic adventure! – How is it possible with a boat of such measures? I wondered. In those days my sailing experience was extremely limited, limited to a paper boat with something like a candle in his mast, and yes! the Playmobil Pirate Ship …

The merchant ships sailing allowed me to appreciate the greatness of the ocean, and now with the Pogo (this is the name of the yacht model), I’m discovering the smallness of man.

At issue is what this page is to give a letter of introduction on the new project start, hoping to someday learn enough and have the necessary funds (like to say that I don’t refuse to be helped!) to perform top class race Transat 650, which is the crossing of the Atlantic Ocean from Europe to Central America (Caribbean Sea), with a total of about 4000 nautical miles (about 7500 km !).


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