Sailing adventures

 Sail training

Following my passion for the sea and for the nature, I want to share with others and I want show others how to learn the sea laws.

By means of training we can manage a lot of different situations at sea. From day sailing to ocean voyagers or world racers, and give you the tools that any sailor might someday need.

Sea adventures

from my early days I felt fascination for the sea and for overseas lands, but the most important for the adventure factor. When we set sails and and left port behind us, some descriptiveness feeling comes from the deepest of our souls and we know in this moment that such adventure is an important part of our life.

Through sailing school I canalize such feeling and help those students who feels something similar.

Today all over the world has been discovered and surveyed carefully in order to know every corner of the same. But when we sail only by the power of the wind, and when we accept the challenge of race only by sail and alone, it means one ocean, one boat and one skipper.  We discover something more that a piece of land we discover another universe inside us. And someday, sailing alone of course, we discorver that sea-boat-skipper is the same thing, from these day sailing by yourself is not a solitare expirience, instead of this sailing alone is an act of respect and sacrifice. We render our life to the seas…

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