Hidden works

Yesterday we turned the great small boat ALFIN. We did it in Toni shipyard in Cambrils, whose leadership was fundamental in implementing the “happy ending”.

Now it is the hardest sanding and surface preparation for anti osmosis treatment. We’ll see how it ends…

For people who don’t know me will tell you that ALFIN is a Pogo boat (series of “minis” class) of the first generation built on 2001. In the last Paris Boat Show was presented the Pogo 3 or third generation. So you can get an idea of ​​the type of sailboat that is ALFIN. She is an ocean racing, designed for short handed crews that allows offshore navigation. This is fantastic! a sailboat of 6.50 meters that enables 1 or 2 crew living for a certain time.

If we add that is a relatively old boat and therefore relatively cheap by then obtain affordable to get started in racing boat ocean solo sailing solo.

Well that’s where I’m going, maybe I’m a bit ignorant of the conditions of life that I’ll find, maybe I’m a little “released “, but, others are doing so and don’t see them too punished by extreme loneliness (about 30 days without communication with earth in the last minitransat or transat 650).

I don’t know it but maybe, maybe … I have to do it, I see it and I can not ignore this emotion that fills me when I go to sail…