Mini Barcelona Race 2014 – Here we go!

Mini Barcelona Race 2014


Fall is coming and so the storms of winter will soon appear. The last race of the season takes place at this time, namely the Mini Barcelona will take place during the week from 13 to 19 October. It will be the second race of “minis” and final race of the Classemini perform this season.

The first was difficult due to the diversity of situations that occurred, almost all wildly upwind, upwind and close reaching. Directions grateful to soft but strong winds with average or high winds. As we know the minis are not boats that stand out for their quality of barloventear.

Noting weather maps seems as if the north winds would break into the scene, we have to be alert as the main route of the race is to stop the island of Menorca to starboard. So the tramontana can make your own. With the entry of cold air will surely have vertical instability thus being the protagonists winds near 100% on this autumn race (if I remember correctly!).

It seems that we will have the honor of seeing navigate a novelty, that is, the new Pogo the third of the series and in principle if nothing happens, navigate the three generations of this legendary ship and the equally renowned Breton shipyard Structures .

With the achievement of this next race I can say that I have fulfilled the objectives of this season, we were tuning the old information literacy and participation in at least one official competition of Category C. As this is done, I can participate in the Category B race as the Mini Barcelona, ​​having accomplished so far beyond what I expected.

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