Decision taken!

Partners know what is what moves us, what makes us feel alive?, is the magic of life… because you will recognize tingle depths of your being, you will open your potential, you You will be capable of anything (or at least feel able). Because with it you will recognize on your side you will see the difficulties are being resolved one after another. There can be no hurry, the magic of which I speak is not to hurry, he wants the keep alive not that crazy again.

I admit that I feel when I step to fulfill my dream, it is, but especially that you see distant dream, but hard not impossible … When I give that firm step, the commitment, the step that no longer It allows a step back or a misstep. When I cross that line opens before me a world of possibilities, some more help than others, but all will give you a hand.

I decided to make the MINITRANSAT, try it the 2017, but I do not care plans go wrong and have to postpone. It is already decided … no turning back, we must give everything to the end, surely this makes me !.

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