What’s Earth’s Magnetic Field?

A long time that the Earth magnetic property known ago, this property has allowed humans and other animals, orientation on the surface of our planet since time immemorial is assumed. But what it is really the Earth’s magnetism?

To answer this important question may be useful to know first what is or what is known to the simple magnetic field.

Magnetic field, a magnetic field is not visible representation of a sensitive forces but whose origin is attributed to the circulation or movement of electric particles or electric current itself.

So be regarded as such electric currents occur in the interior of the Earth as a result of the same magnetism that makes directed to the nautical compass needle or generated.

However this magnetic field, the plot can be seen in the image of this article is far from constant and regular. The Earth’s magnetic field variations are irregular and are attributed to the variation and irregularity of the Earth’s core.

Anyway, the fact is that we live immersed in a magnetic field, the Earth. Some of the phenomena that can be observed due to this field are the Northern Lights and / or southern. This phenomenon is due to the interaction of particles from the Sun to the Earth’s magnetic field.

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