10 reasons to use the magnetic compass

The magnetic compass is the instrument that we have in the boat and occasionally have a look to see if we It has something different. And indeed not give us anything we do not know through other instruments onboard, but not the amount that matters (at least in this case), but rather the quality.

Compass, nautical needle or magnetic compass provides a certain and stable indication of sailing we are carrying indicates much and does very willingly, but see the advantages we, from my point of view of course

1) Clearly indicates the magnetic heading (corrected from deviation and taking clear the magnetic declination of the location, of course) that we sail

2) Shows the rate of turn or rate of change of course, this is the speed that produces the wind and the force of the helm/rudder

3) Shows the list that we have, sometimes may seem to be one thing and then another (night, cold, sleep, etc …)

4) Minimum energy consumption, at night we can put a LED light closely and further reduce energy consumption

5) Independence of the satellite signal providers, ie not depend on the dear and beloved GPS or other GPS satellite navigation system

6) In the worst case, when we were without power, for whatever reason, he, the magnetic compass will continue to set the magnetic North to us

7) Embellishes the cover of any boat, especially sailboats

8) It provides a source of conversation remembering when there was more than the sextant, chronometer and compass for all navigation instrument, and with them all the seas of this rough ocean is furrowed

9) While sailing to follow magnetic heading allows us to regulate navigation continuously avoiding stray off the beaten path in the chart. I say the GPS does the same, yes but not the same

10) Also it allows us to detect and evaluate the intensity and direction of the current when navigating near the coast or with references in sight

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